Guitar Pro's Terms of use

The following terms apply to all individuals participating in the "Affiliation" scheme with Guitar Pro on the site guitar-pro.com. In this agreement, the term "Us", "us" or "Guitar Pro" signifies AROBAS MUSIC SARL. The term "You" or "you" signifies any individual with the intent to subscribe to the said "Affiliation" scheme offered by Guitar Pro.

Subscription to the affiliation scheme

To subscribe to the "Affiliation" scheme, you must complete the following form. The Guitar Pro team will study your application, bearing in mind the following objectives.

We will not consider applications from sites containing :
- sexually explicit material.
- the promotion of violence.
- the promotion of any form of discrimination.
- the promotion of an illegal activity.
- any breach of intellectual copyright laws.

Guitar Pro reserves the right to refuse any proposed application. Individuals participating in the scheme must be within full legal capacity of themselves. Depending on the initial causes, a refused application can be resubmitted for validation by Guitar Pro. Any validated application can be removed from the scheme should fall into breach of the conditions stated above.

Links on your site

The Guitar Pro "Affiliation" scheme offers you 'tagged' links to use on the site or sites indicated in your application. In order to receive payment, the links should be used uniquely on the indicated sites.

The links are tagged in order to reconcile a member with a precise site of the Guitar Pro "Affiliation" scheme. Guitar Pro will not be held responsible for misuse of the links to its site. If you need help, please write to us.

The purchase of keywords, the implementation of Adwords campaigns, the use of the Guitar Pro brand and the intellectual property rights of Arobas Music is strictly prohibited.


Any Internet user accepting cookies on his or her computer, that clicks on a tagged link concerning your account can contribute towards your payment.

For this, the user must place an order for the Guitar Pro software from the site guitar-pro.com within 30 days of having clicked on one of your tagged links. The user should not click on any other tagged link from any other member of the "Affiliation" scheme before ordering the software. Thus, Guitar Pro will pay your commission in return for an order placed by the user.

The payment is 5 USD per order. This payment will be transferred to your Paypal account stated in your application to the "Affiliation" scheme. The transfer will take place within 7 days of your request providing that the accumulated amount is greater that 20 USD. This amount is calculated from the last payment to your Paypal account by Guitar Pro, or from the validation date of your application in the case that no prior transfer has been carried out.

Account management interface

Guitar Pro has put in place an account management interface accessible online to all members of the "Affiliation" scheme. Secure access to the site is assured by personal information.

The site offers you :
- consultation of the total commission earned since your validation.
- consultation of the commission earned since the last payment received on your Paypal account.
- ability to request payment from Guitar Pro.
- number of generated visits to the Internet site Guitar Pro.

Visits, sales and payments made are directly visible in the affiliate platform (real-time data).

The Affiliate’s membership of the guitar-pro.com affiliation program is valid for an indefinite period of time from the date on which the Affiliate is notified that its membership of the guitar-pro.com affiliation program has been approved. It is hereby specified that either of the parties may terminate membership, immediately and at any time, by notifying the other party via registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

Arobas Music may terminate the Affiliate’s participation immediately, subject to a simple notice addressed to the Affiliate, in the event that the Affiliate does not comply with one or more of the provisions of these general terms and conditions. The guitar-pro.com affiliation program is governed by French law.